​​​​​​​Problem: The digital world offers Gen Z excitement and validation, but hardly any feelings of safety. In navigating the online space, young adults risk jeopardizing their well-being by way of social anxiety, stress, and related mental health issues. 
Solution: Social media's changed the definition of "friend", and WhatsApp wants to change it back. These days, it's not so much about liking each other as it is about getting likes. You might have hundreds of followers, and only a handful you could call when you most need them. That's why WhatsApp's asking everyone to have less friends. Really. Less friends, more friendships. 
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Digital Ads
2021 One Show Young Ones - Merit Winner

Contextual ads on Hulu that will appear when the pause button is pressed during any program that has friends (and frenemies) weaved into its narrative arc.

Connecting Flights
WhatsApp virtually connects friends across borders, and Southwest will reconnect friends in need of an in-person reunion. By using the hashtag #lessfriendsmorefriendships applicants can create a TikTok explaining why they need a reunion. One pair of friends will be selected to win round trip tickets to visit one another. 
WhatsApp x Google: Keep In Touch 
Real friendship requires keeping in touch, and to help, we’re teaming up with Google to provide Keep In Touch packages to homeless youth in need. Each K.I.T. contains two Google Pixel 5’s so that each recipient has one and another for a friend to stay in contact.
AD: Jano Martinez, Co-CW: Tatiana Abrego, Natali Amantea

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