Kept It A Bean 🫘
I had a few thoughts on Bush's Beans new line of merch.

When I had first seen the merch for Bush’s Beans I asked myself who had asked for it. I didn’t. You didn’t. I imagine the only person who could have asked is dude who spilled baked beans all over himself watching Cars 2 in theaters & a black teenager shouted “this nigga eating beans” & everyone laughed. 
However, the why is nowhere as important as the where in asking where they went wrong. While most of the items make absolute sense for the brand, I still have some constructive criticism I’ll offer you as I couldn’t reach Bush’s creative team for comment. 

 1. There’s a t-shirt reading, “BEANS ARE A VIBE” when it could have read, “Keep It A Bean”. Synonymous with “be truthful” I think this reflects a good and honest cultural/generational disconnect. 
2. Neither of the branded desktop cornhole boards even utilized bean-shaped bags for tossing. That seemed too easy, respectfully. 
3. Branded outdoor bean bag chairs! Ofc. 
4. A branded serving spoon could have had a moment.

5. Even branded aluminum foil for the grill. It’s a thing. 
6. Bean-shaped string lights are what would have been a vibe for every BBQ that runs late.
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