Problem: Bourbon doesn't immediately present as a spirit enjoyed by all. 
Solution: Serialized social content that continues to push the importance of conversation around inclusion within bourbon. 
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Join us as we celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth by highlighting #BourbonBoard members in the Black community and how they’re committed to making the bourbon industry a more equitable space for all.
Next up, meet Tiffanie Barriere of @TheDrinkingCoach. A mixologist, Tiffanie remains vocal about Black history and its impact on liquor production. “The acknowledgment of historical black humans in the month of February is full of surprises. Every year we archive new names which encourages even more people to recognize the strengths and contributions the black community has shared with us,” she says.
Today and every day, we raise a toast to Tiffanie and her inspiring mission.
Celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth with us as we shine the spotlight on our #BourbonBoard members in the Black community that are disrupting the bourbon industry.

Multimedia journalist. CEO. Founder. @ItsReallyNana is a force and the newest member of the Bourbon Board. She began @EveryStylishGirl to connect and advance women of color in media and fashion—and she’s just getting started.

“I’m incredibly passionate about opening up more inclusive spaces for Black and Brown women to advance in various creative industries. I find the Bourbon Board to be a tremendous support system for helping me create more job opportunities and funding for WOC,” she says.

Let us toast to Nana and all the impact she continues to make.

Help us celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth as we profile #BourbonBoard members in the Black community committed to making the bourbon industry more equitable for everyone.

Erika Harrison first began @BlackGirlsWhoBrunch as a way to showcase Houston’s vibrant food scene. “I recognized that my voice/experiences as a Black woman were missing in so many aspects of the food and beverage industry—what we like, what atmosphere, or the vibes that are important to us,” she says.

Since then, her blog has transformed into a space for Black professional women to come together and share restaurants worldwide.

Let us raise a glass to Erika and her many efforts.
Before we close out the month, let’s toast to #BlackHistoryMonth by shining the spotlight on our #BourbonBoard members in the Black community that are making waves in the bourbon industry.

@JovelRoystan is an actor, style architect, and bourbon connoisseur. “Black history—and the stories of all minority and marginalized groups—is such an important part of painting the picture of what America is today. And not just the painful parts, but the exciting, inspiring and surprising parts as well. Black hands have touched so many parts of culture, business, and art across the globe, across centuries,” he shares.

Join us as we raise a glass to Jovel for what he’s done and what he’ll go on to do in the world of bourbon.

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